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Comprehensive Connectivity Company began in 1974 and has became the reliable and leading solution in every professional broadcast, video or computer environment. 

Today, Comprehensive remains the B2B industry standard for connectivity performance, reliability and value. That's why I.T. and audio visual professionals trust Comprehensive to provide the backbone of their multi-million dollar computer networks, digital signage systems, interactive boardrooms, broadcast studios, multimedia classrooms, event stages and other critical applications, plus home theater applications as well.


Comprehensive for Government and Military

Comprehensive manufactures the most reliable commercial grade connectivity products available for mission-critical applications. That is why Comprehensive products are used by NASA, the Pentagon, the U.S. Army, Marines, Airforce and Navy as well as all branches and levels of state, local and federal government.
Many of our products are T.A.A. compliant; we can also create custom kits for specific military and government applications. Whether you are looking for the most reliable cables, switchers, extenders, splitters or other connectivity products, Comprehensive has the solutions you can count on every time!




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